Bondi Icebergs POOL

Famous historic swimming club next to Bondi beach

Australia, New South Wales
1-4 hours
First of all, be aware that as a non-member Bondi Icebergs is separated into the swimming club where you need to pay an entrance fee as a guest and the bistro upstairs where you can have lunch/dinner and don’t need to pay an entrance fee. Once you entered the swimming club you get access to the 2 swimming pools, sauna and there is also a small cafe inside.


Our honest advice: Only go there if you really want to take this popular picture at the edge of the pool or if you are serious about swimming. It is a swimming club and not a beach club: it’s not that comfortable to lie in the sun on the concrete, usually only pro or semi-pro swimmers are in the pool and the sauna was really dirty when we visited. Also you need to pay for using the locker.