Boranup Forest Viewpoint

Admire some of the tallest hardwood trees in the world

Australia, Western Australia
Nature & Animals
15 minutes

Boranup Forest is located in the Margaret River region of Western Australia and is primarily composed of towering karri trees, a species of eucalyptus native to the Southwest of Western Australia.

Karri trees are among the tallest hardwood trees in the world and are known for their impressive height and straight trunks.

These majestic trees create a stunning and serene canopy that adds to the forest's appeal.


  • This viewpoint is perfect for a quick stop when driving to or from Margaret River
  • Parking is on one side of the road. Be very careful when crossing the street after parking.
  • Walk around for a few minutes and enjoy the beautiful karri trees in this area.
  • The serenity here is just amazing once there is no car passing through.