Greens Pool

Best for snorkeling in this natural aquarium

photo of Greens Pool
Australia, Western Australia
1-5 hours

Are you looking for a great spot for snorkeling in Western Australia? Then you should definitely visit Greens Pool which feels like a huge natural aquarium!

Located in William Bay National Park it is close to the the town of Denmark in Western Australia.

You can describe Greens Pool as a sandy-white beach with a sheltered area ringed by large granite boulders

Therefore, the water is very calm creating perfect conditions for snorkeling and swimming close to the shore.

The pools created by the granite boulders contain interesting marine life. such as small sting rays, many colorful fish and beautiful green underwater plants.

There are also other beaches and view points around in this area of the William Bay national park such as Elephant Rocks.


  • Check the weather conditions and tide before heading to Greens Pool. Clear days enhance the stunning turquoise waters and underwater visibility and low tide reveals fascinating rock pools.
  • Still water, sheltered from sharks and a beautiful underwater scenery – take your snorkeling equipment with you!