Lucky Bay

One of the most beautiful beaches of the World

Australia, Western Australia
1-2 hours

Without a doubt this is one of the most beautiful beaches of the world. The water gets from crystal clear to turquoise to dark blue. The sand is one of the finest and whitest – when touching it, it feels like touching wheat flour.

On the downside, there are many 4-wheeler trucks driving at the beach and this did not invite to us to go for a swim or relax in the sun. Additionally it was also very windy on the day we went and there was also a shark warning in place.

But overall Lucky Bay has to be on your Western Australia bucket list!


  • If you want to stay at Lucky Bay camping ground, you have to book months in advance!
  • Do not make the mistake like us and visit during the middle of the day. We only saw one kangaroo relaxing next to a picnic bench close to the beach. The best time to encounter wild kangaroos at the beach is early in the morning (at sunrise) or late afternoon.
  • If you are also planning on traveling the East Coast of Australia another great spot to witness wild kangaroos at the beach is Cape Hillsborough National Park.