Mount Field National Park

One of Tasmania’s oldest national parks

Australia, Tasmania
Nature & Animals
1-2 days

Mount Field National Park is located in the south-west of Tasmania and is renowned for its lush green temperate eucalyptus rainforest with some of the world’s tallest trees.

An alpine region with walking trails is also part of the park but only accessible depending on the weather conditions.

Russell Falls is an impressive cascade waterfall and should not be missed when visiting. Also check out the Tall Trees Walk.

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How to spend a perfect day at Mount Field National Park:

  • Check out the visitor center first, then head to Russell Falls, it is just a short 15min stroll. If you have more time, do the whole Three Falls Circuit Walk where you will see 2 other nice waterfalls besides Russell Falls.
  • There is also an alpine area centered on Lake Dobson. You need to drive 16 kilometers on a gravel road where you can enjoy a stunning alpine mountain scenery. Definitely ask in the visitor center about the weather conditions before driving up.
  • Ultimate tip: Stay overnight and do a night walk. It was one of our best experiences in Tasmania. You will encounter a great amount of wildlife, such as wallabies, possums, quolls and platypus.
  • We recommend either staying at the camping ground directly in the National Park or at Russell Falls Holiday Cottages (like we did). The cottages are super cozy and are located next to the entrance of Mount Field National Park. Book in advance!