Myrtle Cabin

Remote cabin stay close to Cradle Mountain National Park

Australia, Tasmania
1-2 nights

We were looking for an affordable stay close to Cradle Mountain National Park and stumbled across this hidden gem.

Myrtle Cabin is this cozy remote cabin in the Tasmanian woods located off the beaten track in the little town of Lorinna, Tasmania. It feels like one those treasured places that feels like home the moment you walk through the door.

The cabin is very well maintained, clean and has all the amenities needed. The friendly host makes sure to add little touches to add up to an memorable experience with homemade jams and little snacks.

A huge highlight of the cabin is the outdoor wood-fire bathtub to soak your sore legs under the Tasmanian night sky after a full day of hiking at Cradle Mountain National Park.

In the area live quite a few cute wild pademelons always grazing right outside the accommodation. There is a path through the woods behind the cabin that leads to a peaceful lake with a fire-pit. Keep your eyes open for rare platypus swimming in the lake mostly before sunrise and after sunset.

Myrtle Cabin was hands down one of our 3 best stays of our world trip! You will leave this special place with a full heart and fully relaxed.


  • Book well in advance
  • The road leading to the cabin is very steep, drive carefully.
  • The drive to Cradle Mountain takes about 1 hour
  • Check out our Instagram post to see more!