Scenic World

Get access to 3 rides to explore the national park

Australia, New South Wales
½ day
The Scenic World offers 3 rides (1x steep descent railway, 2x cableways) where you can explore the Katoomba area in the national park. You can ride over the valley with a cableways and go down (or up) to the valley forest with a cableway and a very steep railway.


Is it worth it? Yes and no. If you only have a short time to explore the national park and don’t mind a lot of tourists, go for it. We enjoyed the most the steep railway ride which is like a rollercoaster. The boardwalk in the valley is nice, but we have seen more exciting ones. If you are looking for a more quiet way to explore the national park, we would suggest to go to another area within the national park.

You can only buy an all-rides ticket. On the upside, you can go for unlimited rides at the same day.