Whitehaven Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of the World

photo of Whitehaven Beach
Australia, Queensland
1-2 hours
Considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Whitehaven beach features stunning turquoise water and snow-white sand. It is located at the Whitsunday Island. The uniqueness of it is the Hill Inlet which is a sea inlet of the island where only at low tide the turquoise water is swirled together with the white sand – this is when all the famous photos are taken. This photo is taken from the Hill Inlet lookout.


How to visit the beach? We recommend to do a 2-3 days sailing tour through the Whitsunday Islands National Park where you will also visit the Whitehaven Beach. You can also do a day tour from Airlie Beach. Be aware that only at low tide you will see the famous swirl at the inlet.