Banyumala Waterfall

One of Bali's most beautiful waterfalls

photo of Banyumala Waterfall
Indonesia, Bali
Nature & Animals
1-2 hours

The Banyumala waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali, Indonesia. The waterfall is characterized by its twin cascades that flow from different heights, creating a picturesque scene in the middle of the dense tropical forest.

A nice perk of this waterfall: Banyumala waterfall's crystal-clear waters form a natural pool at the base where you can swim. The cold water is perfect to cool down and beat Bali's heat.

To reach the Banyumala Waterfall, you need to do a short walk through the lush jungle down to the waterfall. Be aware that the path is very steep: Down is not a problem, but when you go up you will need walk many steps.


  • The Banyumala waterfall is beautiful waterfall in the middle of a secluded tropical forest. Do not expect a stunning, large waterfall, it is more like a natural beauty within a relaxed environment.
  • Be aware that the walk up is short, but steep. Be prepared for many steps. Walking up took us around 15 minutes.
  • There are changing rooms on site.
  • There is also a second waterfall more in the back which you can also visit.