Café Melinjo - French Flavor

Lovely cafe with view at the harbour

photo of Café Melinjo - French Flavor
Indonesia, Flores
Food and Drinks
1-2 hours

Café Melinjo is one of the best cafes in Labuan Bajo. This town in Flores, Indonesia, is known for being a gateway to the stunning Komodo National Park.

Cafe Melinjo is offering delightful food in a relaxed atmosphere with a nice view on the first floor at the harbour of Labuan Bajo. You can sit outside on the balcony and can enjoy the sea and passing ships.

You can expect to find a selection of freshly prepared breakfast options, including baguettes, smoothie bowls, croissants and other pastries as well as vegetarian or vegan options. The cafe is also served refreshing beverages such as specialty coffees, fresh juices, and tropical fruit smoothies.


We came across this little cafe during our afternoon walk around Labuan Bajo. It is located on the first floor of a little shopping mall. They serve amazing coffee, milk alternatives are available. The croissants are very tasty as well.