Copenhagen Canggu

Famous brunch restaurant in Canggu

Indonesia, Bali
Food and Drinks
1-2 hours

Copenhagen is a popular brunch spot located in Canggu, Bali, known for its Scandinavian-inspired cuisine.

Copenhagen is not the usual brunch restaurant. Here is their system:

  • You will assemble your own breakfast plate which consists of small dishes
  • You can choose your small dishes from a list: either 3 or 5 - or you can add any number of small dishes for an extra price
  • After you filled out your list sheet, your breakfast plate will be assembled and come to you

Copenhagen offers a trendy and inviting atmosphere, with stylish Scandinavian decor elements. The menu at Copenhagen consists only of a variety of breakfast and brunch options influenced by Nordic flavors and culinary traditions.

The most favourite small dishes are: (vegan) cinnamon roll, smoothie bowl (can be sold out early!), sourdough bread, scrambled eggs and the breakfast burger.


  • Come there at 8.00am to avoid the queue. During peak hours you usually wait around 15-45 minutes.
  • The cinnamon rolls are a must-try
  • Note that due to limited seating this cafe is not suitable for laptop work