Crate Cafe

Popular and less-expensive cafe in Canggu

photo of Crate Cafe
Indonesia, Bali
Food and Drinks
1-2 hours

Crate cafe is a very popular cafe in Canggu, Bali. When you ask around for the best cafes of Canggu, usually Crate Cafe will turn up in one of the answers.

The café offers a diverse menu featuring a range of breakfast, brunch, and lunch options. Their menu often includes healthy and hearty dishes such as avocado toast, colorful smoothie & acai bowls, sandwiches, healthy salads, and various specialty coffees and fresh juices.

Because of its popularity, expect a queue during the morning hours. At first you need to queue to pay and order. Afterwards you grab a table and wait for the food and drinks to be served to you.


Maybe you ask yourself, why do you give the Crate Cafe only the bronce pin? We think that compared to other cafes in Canggu, Crate Cafe is overrated.

While the prices at Crate are lower than in other cafes, the quality (in some cases) and service is lower as well. You can not sit down immediately, you need to queue at first in the sun. Afterwards, you need to find a table which can be challenging especially during peak hours. If you want to order again, you need to queue again.

We liked the coffee and juice, but we did not like the bread which had a spongy character. Also our avocado bread did not have a lot of flavor.

When to go to Crate? If you are on tight budget, Crate is a bit less expensive than other cafes in Canggu. Also if you urgently want to check out what the fuzz is all about.