Cretya Ubud

Luxury day club located within a rice terrace

Indonesia, Bali
Food and Drinks
hours - half day

Cretya Ubud by Alas Harum is a very popular luxury day club which is a 20 minutes drive away from Ubud. The highlight is their multi-tiered pool which features a stunning view of Bali's lush green landscape and rice terraces.

It can be said that Cretya is one of the most tagged Instagram location of Bali. You can see tons of photos on Instagram showing the Cretya pool and the rice terraces in the background.

It also features various restaurants & bars where you can get cocktails, breakfast, lunch & dinner. You can also book a floating breakfast where you can enjoy your breakfast in the pool before the club opens. If that does not call for the most perfect photo? ;)

Entrance fee: 50.000 IDR - this includes just the entrance

Day Club: You can reserve day beds, hammocks or other areas but this requires a minimum spend which ranges from 2 millions IDR - 4 millions IDR.


  • The pool area is only accessible for people who are over 18 years old
  • Be aware that when you pay just for the entrance, you basically do not have any sitting/lying area. Which means you can only spend your time in the pool or bar & restaurant area. People who are choosing only the entrance option do have a large open shelf outside where they storage their bags.
  • We just paid for the entrance and stayed a 2-3 hours at the pool which was enough for us to enjoy the scenery, our drinks and the pool.
  • Do not forget the sunscreen when you don't have any daybeds with shadows.
  • If you want to book any day beds book well in advance!