Dapur Usada

Vegan take on Indonesian and Ayurvedic cuisine

photo of Dapur Usada
Indonesia, Bali
Food and Drinks
1-2 hours

Dapur Usada is known for its commitment to serving wholesome Indonesian cuisine with a focus on health and sustainability.

Dapur Usada translates to Kitchen of Herbal Medicine in English.The restaurant offers a menu that emphasizes on natural, locally sourced ingredients and traditional Indonesian recipes that incorporated healing herbs and spices. The menu especially evolves around the Ayurvedic concept of food.

The restaurant itself creates a warm and welcoming ambiance and it is romantic in the evening which also makes it a perfect dating location as well.


  • We could tell the difference - the quality of the ingredients was high and tasted really good
  • Try also their Ayurvedic fusion drinks, juices or elixirs - they are delicious!