Diamond Beach

One of the two most famous beaches of Nusa Penida

Indonesia, Nusa Penida
1-2 hours

Diamond Beach is a breathtaking and relatively remote beach located on the eastern coast of Nusa Penida, a beautiful island off the southeast coast of Bali, Indonesia. 

Accessible via a steep cliffside staircase carved into the rock face, Diamond Beach offers you a picturesque setting characterized by its crystal-clear turquoise waters, powdery white sand, and dramatic limestone cliffs. The unique rock formations and towering cliffs surrounding the beach create a stunning backdrop, making it an ideal photo spot.

One of the remarkable features of Diamond Beach is a protruding rock formation in the shape of a diamond that juts out into the ocean, hence the name "Diamond Beach." This natural rock formation adds to the allure of the beach and serves as a popular spot for taking photos.

How to visit? Hire a private driver for the day or join a group tour.

Entrance fee: 10.000 IDR


Diamond Beach and Kelking Beach are the two most famous beaches on Nusa Penida. Both are renowned for its natural beauty and pristine landscape. When visiting Nusa Penida, definitely check out at least one of them!