Gili Coffee Roasters

One of the best cafes on Gili Air

photo of Gili Coffee Roasters
Indonesia, Gili Air
Food and Drinks
1-2 hours

Gili Coffee Roasters is one of the best cafes located on Gili Air in Indonesia. It provides an inviting and laid-back atmosphere, high-quality coffee beans from various regions across Indonesia. Gili Coffee Roasters is located in a quieter area of Gili Air.

They offer a range of coffee options, from espresso-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos to single-origin brews or pour-over methods for those seeking a more nuanced coffee experience. They primarily focus on Indonesian local and ethical coffee.

One of their highlight is also their cake selection which includes a delicious cheesecake and carrot cake. They also have delicious breakfast options.


For us this is one of the best cafes on Gili Air because of its laid-back vibe, high-quality coffee and delicious food.