Gili Cooking Classes - Gili Air

Cooking delicious Indonesian dishes in a group

Indonesia, Gili Air
1-3 hours

The Gili Cooking Classes on the Gili Islands in Indonesia is a fantastic opportunity for you to dive into the world of Indonesian cuisine while enjoying a hands-on cooking experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

In class you will prepare and cook a variety of traditional Indonesian dishes under the guidance of a really fun instructor. When booking you will choose how many dishes you want to cook (3, 4 or 6 dishes). All dishes are explained on their website in detail.

When the cooking class starts you will at first talk about today's cooking plan and get to know the other members of the cooking class. Then, you will do some cooking preparations. But do not worry, many ingredients are already prepared and pre-washed from the very helpful staff. So you only need to cut, stir, mix or watch the food boil.

Here are our dishes we cooked: Kelopon (sweet rice flour balls), fried tempeh with peanut sauce, mie goreng, yellow tofu curry

After finishing cooking each dish you can enjoy your delicious meal. Vegetarian & vegan options are available!


The classes are super fun, interactive and engaging! We had so much fun with the other participants, the instructor and the cooking itself of course. The very helpful staff is supporting you a lot, you can not do anything wrong. They already prepared a lot for you.

Our instructor also shared cultural insights, cooking tips, and stories about various Indonesian dishes which was really interesting as well.

Even if you do not enjoy cooking, this might be a really fun experience for you.