Trendy vegan-only cafe

Indonesia, Bali
Food and Drinks

The KYND cafe is a trendy and vibrant cafe known for its Instagram-worthy, aesthetically pleasing vibes and delicious plant-based cuisine.

When you enter, it is like a burst of colors and positivity everywhere (there are also positive texts written on the walls). The place is known for its delicious vegan menu: plant-based meat- and egg-replacements, vibrant smoothie bowls that look like art, yummy avocado toasts, and refreshing drinks like smoothies and special coffees.


We always saw so many instagrammers sitting outside and doing their photo shootings. So if you are looking for photos featuring a nice background, go ahead (and come early).

KYND is a really cool cafe featuring high-quality vegan dishes and even if you are not vegan it is definitely worth a try.