Mount Batur

Active volcano & sacred mountain to Balinese

Indonesia, Bali
Nature & Animals
half day

Mount Batur in Bali is an active volcano and one of the island's most iconic natural landmarks. It stands at approximately 1,717 meters (5,633 feet) above sea level.

Trekking Mount Batur is a popular activity, particularly to see the breathtaking sunrise views. Many travelers opt to start their trek in the early morning hours to reach the summit in time for sunrise, an experience that offers stunning panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscape, Lake Batur, and neighboring Mount Agung in the distance.

Usual sunrise trekking itinerary:

  • 2.00am: Pick-up from your hotel in Ubud (you can even drive from Denpasar, but need to get up earlier)
  • 3.00-4.00am: Meeting your trekking guide & start the hike (1-3 hours, depends on the fitness level of the group)
  • 6.00-7-00am: Sunrise & breakfast (volcanic eggs) at the summit
  • 8.00am: Walk down and drive back or do optional stops
  • optional stop: Jump into the hot springs at Lake Batur
  • optional stop: Visit a coffee plantation where you can try the famous Luwak coffee

The trek itself usually takes around two to three hours to ascend, depending on the chosen trail and the individual's fitness level. Local guides lead hikers through rugged terrain and steep paths to reach the top. Along the way, the beauty of the natural surroundings, including the volcanic landscape and lush greenery, adds to the allure of the journey.

Apart from the sunrise trek, Mount Batur offers an incredible opportunity to witness an active volcanic site. The area surrounding the volcano features hot steam vents, rugged terrain, and evidence of past eruptions, providing a glimpse into the volcano's geological significance.


Doing the sunrise hike on Mount Batur is for us a must-do when in Bali. It is such a great experience and therefore highly recommended by us.

Here are our picking tips which will help you:

  • You officially need to hire a guide to hike the mountain. However, you will find some blog posts from people who claimed that they hiked it up alone. We would recommend to hire a guide.
  • Where to book the Mount Batur sunrise trek? There are several companies especially in Ubud which are offering tours. The price depends mostly on the pick-up location and the optional stops (hot springs, coffee plantation). We booked our tour via Pelago (similar to and everything worked out perfectly.
  • Usually you will hike in a small group consisting of 4-6 people
  • Pack warm clothes! This is very important as it CAN get very cold in the morning hours before the sun comes out.
  • The hike itself is steep and you will step on volcanic gravel. Usually your guide will give out trekking poles to everybody which will come in handy. 


Side note: There are some controversies in Bali if tourists should hike the mountain as it is a sacred place. Some politicians tried to ban hiking. For now Mount Batur remains open to hike with a local guide.