Mount Rinjani

Active volcano & second-highest peak in Indonesia

Indonesia, Lombok
Nature & Animals
2-3 days

Even from the airplane or from Bali you can see the majestic summit of Mount Rinjani which is located on the island Lombok in Indonesia.

It is the second-highest peak in Indonesia with 3,726 meters (12,224 feet) above sea level and a significant cultural and spiritual landmark to Indonesians, especially the people from Lombok.

The mountain is part of the Rinjani National Park, offering a diverse and stunning landscape that encompasses lush forests, expansive savannah, volcanic terrain, and a beautiful crater lake known as Segara Anak.

The most popular activity in this national is a multi-day trek up to the summit or the crater rim. When hiking you will also see many Indonesian climbing the mountain.

Reaching the summit of Mount Rinjani rewards trekkers with a stunning panoramic vista that includes Lombok's coastline, neighboring islands, and the crater lake, creating a surreal and unforgettable experience.

Multi-day Trekking Options at Mount Rinjani

At first you should book in advance a tour company which organises the multi-day trek. You have also several options there:

  • Starting point of your trek
    • Sembalun village: The best option to start from as the path is better for going up
    • Senaru village: The other option
  • Climbing the summit?
    • Yes: If you are physically fit for hiking up to over 3700 meters, then we highly recommend to go for it! The views at the summit early morning at sunrise are breathtaking!
    • No: You can also choose to hike only up to the crater rim where you can still get an amazing view of the whole crater and see Mount Rinjani very close.
  • Number of days:
    • 1Night/2Days - If you do not have a lot of time, you can choose this option. You basically do the same as on the 2N/3D tour, but you will hike down after climbing the summit (or crater rim).
    • 2Nights/3Days - This is the classic option where you will spend 2 nights in the national park and go up to the summit. You will find a typical itinerary below.
    • More than 2 Nights - If you want to fully experience the Mount Rinjani national park you can opt-in for several nights. We would recommend to check with the tour operator what options you have.
  • Number of people in your group:
    • Private: You can choose if you want to hike as a private group without others
    • Group (cheaper): You will hike with other people, but usually it will be less than 4-6 people. We did the group hike together a super-fun Australian couple - loved it!

The ascent to the summit of Mount Rinjani is challenging, featuring steep trails, rocky paths, and diverse ecosystems. Along the way you will encounter diverse flora and fauna, including tropical forests with diverse bird species, monkeys, and the occasional deers.

Typical itinerary (our 2nights/3days Mount Rinjani itinerary):

  • Day 0: Either you are already on Lombok or you will arrive to Lombok via ferry/airplaine on day 0, one day before the trek starts. The tour company usually includes a pick-up from your hotel/harbour/airport. You will sleep on this day either in Senaru village or Sembalun village.
  • Day 1: After a short breakfast around 7.00am we drove to Sembalun village to start our trek there. We slept in Senaru village and also left our large backpacks there. On day 1 we hiked up to the crater rim and slept there for the night.
  • Day 2: This was the hardest day. We woke up at 2.00am in the morning and we hiked up to the summit. Afterwards we went down to the crater rim and had breakfast there. Then, we went down to the crater lake, walked along the lake and then again up the crater rim at the Senaru village side. We arrived very exhausted around 6.00pm at our sleeping place for the night.
  • Day 3: Compared to the other 2 days, this was more relaxing. After breakfast we went down all the way to Senaru village. 


It was challenging, BUT SO WORTH IT! Climbing Mount Rinjani was one of the best experiences we have had in 2023. 

If you like hiking, if you love the nature, if volcanos or mountains are fascinating you, GO FOR IT!

Our picking tips:

  • It will be physically challenging, so be prepared for it. For example, do some cardio or other workouts if you feel unfit.
  • Pack light! You will carry your own backpack - only bring what you need and nothing extra. Think twice before packing something.
  • Do not forget to bring sunscreen, a hat, warm clothes (especially for the night) and slippers (your feet with love these after hiking)
  • Popular tour companies where you can book your trek are:
  • Just write via e-mail/whatsapp to the tour companies to check for availability, price and conditions.
  • Be aware that the Mount Rinjani region has been badly hit with an earthquake in 2018. The local people are working very hard to make hiking in the Mount Rinjani national park possible. Therefore, we recommend going with authorised tour companies.