My Happy Place

Austrian-themed lovely coffee place

Indonesia, Bali
Food and Drinks
1-2 hours

Who would have thought: an Austrian-themed cafe in Bali?

My Happy Place is a delightful, cozy café tucked away in a more quiet street of Canggu. It was like stumbling upon a hidden gem in the midst of Canggu's bustling scene.

The café has this laid-back and inviting vibe, with a charming Austrian-themed interior: pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sisi, Falco (famous Austrian musician) and others.

What made My Happy Place stand out was its menu: they served up some seriously tasty treats, especially their large breakfast plates (see for yourself in the photos).

Beyond their high-quality food, the staff were really friendly and the second floor offers a quiet atmosphere.


Foods we love to eat at My Happy Place:

  • We can recommend "the Schwarzenegger" and any of the large breakfast plates - these were delicious! You could taste the high quality.
  • Chrissi also loves their "Berrylicious oat meal"

The second floor is also a perfect spot to work on your laptop: It's quiet, you have a good view and there are larger tables.