Puri Mas Beach Resort

Charming beachfront resort close to Senggigi Beach

Indonesia, Lombok
3-7 nights

Puri Mas Beach Resort is a charming and serene 4 start beachfront resort located in the west of Lombok, Indonesia.

The resort is located at Mangsit bay North from Senggigi Beach. It features a stunning stretch of sandy coastline along the shores and is a quieter area and alternative to Senggigi Beach. Senggigi Beach and Kuta Lombok are Lombok's most popular tourist locations.

The resort offers a lot of luxury and is a perfect destination to stay for several days or even weeks. It has everything you need if you want to spend your whole holiday there: modern rooms & villas, good restaurant & bar, relaxing pool, yoga garden, beach access & a beautiful garden area.

You can enjoy direct access to the beach, but only via stone steps. However, guests usually stay at the hotel pool overlooking the sea. The reason that also other hotels are not offering sun beds directly in the sand are because of the strong tides.


  • After hiking in the Mount Rinjani national park for 3 days, we enjoyed our relaxing stay a lot at Puri Mas and can highly recommend to spend your holidays there.
  • While you can enjoy some other restaurants, bars and small shops along the coast of Mangsit bay, be aware that you need to drive to the center of Senggigi Beach, for example to the craft market and other restaurants. We took a Grab as you can not walk on the streets.
  • The restaurant at Puris Mas offers an excellent Indonesian cuisine, good cocktails and also the breakfast buffet is highly recommended. The ambience at sea makes it more romantic as well.