Pyramids Of Chi

Meditation place especially known for sound healing

Indonesia, Bali
1-2 hours

Pyramids of Chi is a sound healing sanctuary, nestled in the lush landscapes in the North of Ubud.

The Pyramids of Chi is all about sound healing – they have these magnificent, geometrically designed pyramids where visitors can experience powerful gong baths and sound meditation sessions. The energy within these pyramids was something else, providing a space for deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and inner exploration.

Apart from the sound healing, they also offer various holistic treatments and therapies, including breathwork, meditation, and energy healing practices.

The setting itself is breathtaking: You can enjoy a tranquil environment surrounded by serene nature and these two pyramids in the midst of Bali.


If you are curious about sound healing, we can recommend the Ancient Sound Healing session. The price is fair (20USD) and the session itself was really interesting. If you do the session, be quick and get any bed which is the closest to the gongs inside the pyramid. Before the session you will wait in front of the pyramids and after the doors will open, you can choose your bed freely.

Just take a Grab ride or Grab bike to the Pyramids of Chi. They also offer a free shuttle bus from the center of Ubud.