Sensorium Bali

Top-notch brunch restaurant in Canggu

Indonesia, Bali
Food and Drinks
1-2 hours

Sensorium is a relatively new and innovative brunch restaurant in Canggu, Bali, designed to offer a multi-sensory culinary experience.

This restaurant gives you an unique brunch experience compared to other cafes in Canggu. Sensorium is this fancy, but also casual restaurant which offers carefully thought out dishes by its chef and owner William Salim.

He spent several years working in fine-dining establishments around Australia and then opened his own restaurant, Sensorium. By checking out the menu you can see that cooking is his passion.

The most popular dishes are: the (vegan) breakfast ramen, the quesadillas, the bulgogi burger and the corn ribs.


We loved the Sensorium and can highly recommend it if you want to enjoy a more fancy brunch / breakfast. 

Be aware that during peak hours the waiting queue can be very long!