Sweet Orange Warung

Quiet warung in the midst of rice fields

Indonesia, Bali
Food and Drinks
1-2 hours

The Sweet Orange Warung is a typical Indonesian warung located in the midst of Ubud's rice fields. This unique and quiet location mixed with delicious Indonesian dishes makes it a hidden gem. Although the warung is becoming more and more popular, do not expect the crowds there (yet).

The Sweet Orange Warung offers a variety of Indonesian dishes that highlight the rich flavors of the local Indonesian cuisine. You can expect the classic nasi goreng, curries, chicken satays as well as delicious smoothies or Bintang beer.


A warung is a small, Indonesian eatery or food stall which are are an integral part of Indonesian culinary culture. They offer a wide range of authentic dishes at affordable prices. When traveling to Indonesia we highly recommend to visit a local warung at least once.

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