The Yoga Barn

World–renowned & Bali’s largest yoga studio

Indonesia, Bali
1-2 hours

Yoga Barn in Bali is a well-known and beloved sanctuary for yoga enthusiasts and wellness seekers. Nestled within a green oasis in Ubud, this place is like a haven for anyone wanting to dive into yoga, meditation, and holistic healing practices.

The vibe there is super chill and welcoming. You could join a huge variety of yoga classes catering to different levels and styles – from dynamic Vinyasa flows to calming Yin sessions.

Even if you are not into yoga, there are so many other classes and workshops about meditation, ecstatic dance, tai chi, sound healing and so on. Take a look at their class schedule!

The setting is pretty incredible too – surrounded by lush greenery and peaceful vibes. You would not believe that you are in a center of a town.

You pay per class or can get a class pass. It's first come, first serve - so usually you should be there 15-30 minutes before the class starts to secure your spot. It depends highly on the yoga teacher if the class is crowded or not. 


Yoga Barn is a must visit for anyone who practices yoga! We can highly recommend any classes of these yoga teachers: Paul, Byron and Gregory. Definitely come early when visiting the classes of them (especially on Sundays)!

Even if you are not into yoga, but want to experience the yoga-world, just visit this small yoga village which also offers a cafe and a shop. It's open to anyone.