Toya Devasya

Outdoor hot springs located at Lake Batur

Indonesia, Bali
2-3 hours

Toya Devasya is one of the hot spring baths located directly at Lake Batur. It is a natural geothermal hot spring and a popular relaxation spot for people who hiked Mount Batur in the morning. But you can visit anytime of course.

Nestled within a picturesque landscape, the hot spring offers a nice setting with pools of warm, mineral-rich water sourced from deep beneath the earth's surface. The temperature of the water is very warm, but not that hot as we would have liked it.

One of the highlight is their infinity pool towards the lake where you definitely can take really good photos. Besides, the hot spring's location provides breathtaking views of the surrounding volcanic landscapes and the scenic Lake Batur.

Many visitors find the mineral-rich waters of the hot spring beneficial for their skin and muscles, often attributing a sense of rejuvenation and relief from stress and fatigue to the natural therapeutic properties of the hot spring's water.

Apart from the hot springs, the it offers various recreational facilities and activities including swimming pools, water slides and water fountains. Additionally, Toya Devasya typically offers facilities such as changing rooms, showers, and spa services.


Toya Devasya is a good hot springs bath and a bit more expensive than the neighbouring hot springs bath Batur Natural Hot Spring. However, do not expect a super-modern hot springs bath.

We have been to both. Here are the differences:

  • Toya Devasya is more expensive than Batur Natural Hot Spring
  • Toya Devasya is cleaner and offers better facilities than Batur Natural Hot Spring
  • Toya Devasya offers an infinity pool towards Lake Batur while Batur Natural Hot Spring does not
  • Toya Devasya offers pool bars where you can enjoy your drink while being in the water
  • Toya Devasya offers water slides & water fountains
  • Batur Natural Hot Spring offers hotter water in their pools than Toya Devasya
  • Both offer a relaxing hot water experience

In any way we would recommend to get into a hot springs bath after hiking Mount Batur. If you can choose where to go with your group, check the price difference on their websites and points listed here above to make up your decision.