Woods Pererenan

Trendy brunch restaurant close to Canggu

Indonesia, Bali
Food and Drinks
1-3 hours

WOODS is a trendy brunch place in Pererenan, a coastal village near Canggu in Bali, Indonesia.

At Woods you can enjoy good coffee, home-made pastries or bread, shakshouka and other delicious breakfast options. They also offer dinner dishes from various cuisines and have many vegetarian options.

Woods Pererenan is known for its stylish and modern ambiance featuring a lot of wooden elements. The restaurant likely featured a combination of contemporary design elements, rustic touches, and lush greenery, creating an inviting and relaxed atmosphere.



  • If you are a tea lover, this is a must-visit as their tea selection is huge.
  • Try their shakshouka and pancakes - you will love it!
  • You can also work on your laptop from there (there are even some special seats under the trees with power plugs).