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Hoppy Street ホッピー通り

Lively street full of Japanese pubs

Japan, Tokyo
Food and Drinks
1-2 hours

Hoppy Street is a lively street in Asakusa, Tokyo.

If is renowned for its nostalgic atmosphere, izakayas (Japanese pubs), and the refreshing alcoholic beverage called "Hoppy". It has a similar taste to beer but wit very low alcohol content. 

The street is lined with small, cozy izakayas offering a variety of traditional Japanese dishes, grilled skewers (yakitori), fried snacks (kushikatsu), and other appetizers that pair well with drinks like Hoppy or beer.

In summer they provide outdoor seating arrangements where you can enjoy your drinks and meals directly on the street.

The area is mostly popular among locals. It is a place where people gather after work or during weekends to unwind, socialize, and enjoy casual dining and drinks.


Hoppy Street is a charming destination if you are interested in experiencing Tokyo's traditional drinking culture.

Be aware that each guest needs to order at least one drink when sitting in one of the izakayas.

Visit in the evenings