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Iruca Tokyo Roppongi

Michelin guide listed ramen place in Tokyo

photo of Iruca Tokyo Roppongi
Japan, Tokyo
Food and Drinks
1-2 hours

Iruca Tokyo is small ramen place in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, which is also listed in the famous Michelin guide

Their speciality is their dashi from chicken, pork, shrimp and shellfish, which you will find as a base in each of their ramen.

The most popular dish is the Special Porcini Shoyu Ramen with 4 different types of meat and truffle paste. You can also try the Salted Yuzu Ramen which is more citrusy.

Their Paying system: After you have made it inside, you need to go to their vending machine and choose your dishes you would like to order. At first you insert the money and then press the button for each dish you would like to have. You will receive a ticket. After sitting down, you will give this ticket to one of their staff.


  • Always expect a queue at Iruca Tokyo Roppongi.
  • You can only pay with cash!
  • In order to offer delicious high-quality ramen for a less expensive price, they are a bit strict when it comes to the sitting time after you have finished your ramen. So if everybody in your party finished the ramen & drinks and are not ordering anything else, you politely should give your seat to the next people in the queue.