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New York Grill

Enjoy cocktails or delicious dishes on the 52nd floor

Japan, Tokyo
Food and Drinks
1-3 hours

New York Grill is an upscale restaurant located inside the Park Hyatt Tokyo Hotel on the 52nd floor. Connected on the same floor, they also provide a bar area which is known as the iconic "New York Bar".

The New York Bar was featured in the critically acclaimed movie "Lost in Translation" and is also listed as one of the best bars of Tokyo and sometimes even of the world.

The highlight of both localities is the stunning 360 degree view of Tokyo from the 52nd floor with its tranquil atmosphere


This is such an unique place in Tokyo! The peaceful atmosphere, the breathtaking views and the high-quality cocktails and dishes are making this place a must-visit for us.

Costs: As you can expect from Park Hyatt hotels, this place is definitely not cheap. Expect to pay for one cocktail at night around 20 euros. Also the restaurant is expensive, but they offer an affordable lunch option (read on!). We think that compared to the quality and location you get, this is a great place to treat yourself to during holidays or to celebrate special occasions.

When to visit?

At evening / at sunset:

  • Enjoy excellent cocktails during sunset and watch how Tokyo turns into a sea of lights right in front of you. 
  • Dress appropriately! Do NOT wear any shorts or open-shoes from 17.00h onwards.
  • They have a first come first serve basis - there can be a queue!

During lunch time:

  • This might be a hidden gem for you! The restaurant New York Grill offers a delicious lunch buffet for an affordable price: 8.000-10.000 yen exclusive service and tax per person. The price also depends if you visit on a weekend or weekday. Included in this price is an extensive appetizer buffet, one main dish you can choose (steak, fish, etc.), an extensive dessert buffet with coffee or tea. Sometimes they also include champagne. While the main dish is rather small, you can get quite full from the buffet :)