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teamLab Planets

Popular immersive digital art museum

Japan, Tokyo
2-3 hours

teamLab Planets is an immersive digital art museum located in Tokyo, Japan.

teamLab Planets offers a unique and immersive experience through various interactive digital art installations and exhibits. You as a visitor are encouraged to engage with the art by stepping into the installations and becoming part of the artworks themselves.

The museum features multiple rooms and spaces where you can interact with stunning digital artworks that respond to touch, movement, and proximity. The installations use lights, sounds, projections, and sensors to create a multisensory experience.

Many of the installations at teamLab Planets are inspired by nature, featuring elements such as water, light, and natural landscapes. Visitors might encounter rooms filled with digital waterfalls, projected flowers, or immersive environments that simulate natural phenomena.

Similar to other teamLab exhibitions, the displays at teamLab Planets change or evolve over time, offering different experiences with each visit.


teamLab Planets provides an extraordinary digital art experience - we were stunned by it and can highly recommend it!

Picking tips

  • Wear shorts or pants you can pull up! At entrance you are required to remove your shoes before entering. This rule enhances your sensory experience and encourages a deeper connection with the art.
  • Due to its popularity, teamLab Planets often requires timed-entry tickets that need to be purchased in advance. We recommend to book your tickets on Klook. Check out the teamlab planets activity on Klook.