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Tsukiji Outer Market

Enjoy Japanese street food & various restaurants

photo of Tsukiji Outer Market
Japan, Tokyo
1-2 hours

The Tsukiji Outer Market is a bustling and lively area located near the former site of the historic Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan. 

At first you should know that the famous Tsukiji Fish Market (known as "Japan's kitchen") closed in October 2018 after more than 80 years and relocated its business to Toyosu Market (which is a bit more outside of Tokyo). This market is famous for its tuna actions.

Nowadays, the Tsukiji Outer Market, which expands over several streets, still remains and consists of numerous shops, stalls, and vendors lining the streets, offering a wide array of fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables, meats, and various Japanese culinary delights.

Be aware that there are usually many crowds and the market itself is very touristy, but still offers a lot of various & delicious dishes from Japan. You can find fresh seafood, including sushi, sashimi, seafood bowls (donburi), grilled seafood skewers (yakitori), Tamagoyaki (omelette on stick, check the photo) and also Wagyu beef skewers, traditional Japanese snacks, sweets, pickles, dried goods, and sake.



When to visit? - The best time to visit is in the morning