AJ Hackett Bungy - Queenstown Bungy Centre

World’s first commercial bungy jump location

New Zealand, South Island
15min – 1 hour

This was our first bungy jump and it was an unforgettable fun but also scary experience, we really stepped out of our comfort zone!

Jumping from the 43 meters high Kawarau bridge you will feel the adrenalin rush. It is one of the best location to have your first jump as it is not too high. The beautiful scenery and the turquoise water helps. You can even ask them that during the jump you will touch the water.

Kawarau Bridge Bungy was also the location where the world's first commercial bungy jump took place, how cool is that?

Do you want to watch Chrissi jump? Check out our Instagram video!


Even if you don’t want to jump we recommend to visit the visitor center and view on the platform other people jumping from the bridge.

Tips for the bungy jump:

  • Do not look down before jumping
  • Do not stand on the platform too long, just jump and do not overthink it
  • Eat a light meal before
  • If you do not want to jump by yourself you can also do a tandem bungy 
  • Enjoy the great adrenaline rush through your body