Charming Auckland neighborhood

New Zealand, North Island
1 – ½ days

Devonport is a laidback neighborhood of Auckland and only a 12 minutes ferry ride away from Auckland CBD the little seaside town feels like a perfect relaxing get away from bustling CBD.

With its nice boutique shops, cafes and restaurants Devonport feels like a holiday destination. You can relax at the Cheltenham beach, hike up Mount Victoria to enjoy sensational views or visit the Torpedo Bay Navy Museum or art galleries.


How to send a perfect day at Devonport:

  • Before you hop on the ferry, check the weather forecast. Try to visit on a sunny day.
  • Enjoy the scenic ferry ride to Devonport providing stunning views of the Auckland skyline at the harbour.
  • Get off the ferry and start by strolling along Victoria Road with its cute boutique shops, book stores and little cafes.
  • Eat a carrot cake at Corelli's Cafe, it was the best we have ever had!
  • Take a short 15min hike up Mount Victoria starting from Victoria Road. The summit provides a fantastic panoramic view of the incredibly lush greeen surrounding landscapes, the Auckland skyline and the harbor.
  • Relax at Cheltenham Beach afterwards with a view of the volcanic Rangitoto Island. Bring some snacks for a picnic!
  • Stroll around the area with its charming houses.
  • End your day with eating fresh seafood and enjoying a glass of wine at The Kestrel before hopping on the ferry back to Auckland.