Original movie set of the Hobbit movies

New Zealand, North Island
3 hours

Hobbiton, tucked away in the New Zealand countryside, is like stepping into a real-life Middle-earth party. You've got these adorable hobbit holes, beautiful gardens, and even the cozy Green Dragon Inn.

It's the spot where "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" came to life, making it a must-see for fans and anyone up for a magical adventure.

At Hobbiton you can book a guided tour which shows you the original film set of the Hobbit triology. Even if you are not a Lord of the Rings or Hobbiton fan, we would recommend to go as this tiny village of small houses and this beautiful New Zealand landscape is very picturesque.

At the tour you will learn what happened to the original film set from the Lord of the Rings trilogy and at the end of each tour you will get a beer or other non-alcoholic drink at the Green Dragon Inn. Cheers to Hobbiton adventures!

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  • Book one of the last tours of the day in summer or at sunset to avoid large crowds and enjoy a nice cold beer while looking at the Shire with no visitors walking around.
  • Book well in advance!
  • Stay at Brock's Place - Matamata, a small picturesque camp ground close to Hobbiton.