Onsen Hot Pools

Hot pool wellness day spa

photo of Onsen Hot Pools
New Zealand, South Island
2 hours

Onsen are Japanese hot springs bathing facilities and this day spa is offering such a bathing experience in New Zealand. These pools are very popular throughout the year, especially in the evenings. We ordered alcoholic drinks, chips and ice cream which were included in the price.

You can choose between the original, outdoor and oval Onsen. We tried the original Onsen experience (see the photo) where the bath is also located outdoor, but we could have closed the roof. The oval and original Onsen seems to be more private as they have walls between the next Onsen as the outdoor Onsen only have some bushes between the Onsen baths.


If you want to visit any Onsen baths, definitely book weeks or even months ahead. If you are flexible you can also check a few days before if a slot has opened up.

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