Tongariro Alpine Crossing

The greatest day hike of New Zealand. Stunning volcanic scenery.

New Zealand, North Island
1 Day

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is one of the best day hikes New Zealand has to offer. You will see a stunning active volcanic landscape, turquoise lakes and amazing views. Be aware that you need to book a shuttle bus or any transportation as the starting point and ending point of this hike differs. We were happy with Dempsey Buses.

Expect to walk approx. 19,4km (12 miles), so it is not an easy hike, but doable. Usually it takes 6-9 hours. If you are a Lord of the Rings fan: On this hike you are passing Mount Doom.


  • Try to be flexible because sometimes the weather does not allow hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. We prolonged our hike for 2 days and it was definitely the right decision, therefore keep an eye on the weather forecast!
  • Wear hiking shoes
  • Bring delicious snacks and eat them at the turquoise lakes for a lunch break with a great view! (we brought pasta salad)
  • Stay at Whakapapa Holiday Park before and after the hike