Wairakei Terraces & Thermal Health Spa

Bathe in geothermal hot pools and view hot spring terraces

New Zealand, North Island
1-3 hours

Wairakei Terraces and Thermal Health Spa is located near Taupo, a town situated on the shores of Lake Taupo, the largest lake in New Zealand.

At Wairakei Terraces and Thermal Health Spa you can do 2 main activities:

  • You can either go without getting wet and see the cascading Wairakei Terraces where you can watch hot water going from one recreated thermal pool to another (the original natural Wairakei Terraces were destroyed by a volcanic eruption). These terraces create a visually stunning and unique environment around the pools.
  • Or you can bring your swimwear and relax in hot thermal water full of minerals, often associated with various health and wellness benefits.

For each of these activities you need to get a ticket.


  • If you love to relax we highly recommend to get in the geothermally heated pools which feel amazing, especially on colder days
  • There are around 3 outdoor pools in a nice green setting which have different temperatures.
  • After a long hike or if you feel physically tired, relax in the hot pools.
  • Bring your water bottle – you will be thirsty in the hot pools.