Our top 5 things to do in Perth, Western Australia

Let us start with 3 interesting facts about Perth:

Isolated City: Perth is one of the most isolated major cities globally, located on the southwest coast of Australia. It's closer to some international cities, like Jakarta and Singapore, than it is to Australia's eastern cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

Sunniest Capital: Perth is renowned for its sunny weather, earning the title of Australia's sunniest capital city. With an average of around 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, outdoor activities and beach days are a way of life.

Mining Hub: Perth serves as the business and administrative hub for Western Australia's mining industry, which is a major contributor to the state's economy. The city plays a pivotal role in supporting the extraction and export of minerals, including gold, iron ore, and natural gas.

Perth has never really been on our Australia bucket list but we are very happy that we decided to visit Perth as our first stop of our 3 1/2 months trip in Australia! We spent 5 days in Perth before picking up our campervan to start our South-Western Australia adventure.

But let us tell you more about our 5 best things to do in the capital of Western Australia:

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Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Stunning botanical garden with great views

Australia, Western Australia
Nature & Animals
2-4 hours

A must-visit when in the city of Perth, Western Australia.

It's a prominent landmark situated just west of the central business district. The park spans over 400 hectares and is easily accessible from the city center. The main entrance to Kings Park is off Fraser Avenue

This botanical garden features trees and plants from every state of Australia. Furthermore, it is located on the top of a mountain and provides an amazing view of Perth’s skyline, the Swan river, and surrounding areas.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden is definitely one of our favorite parks in Australia!


  • Bring your blanket and something to drink for a picnic.
  • Kings Park and Botanic Garden is also a perfect place to go for a run!

Elizabeth Quay

New waterfront with bars, restaurants and shops

Australia, Western Australia
1 hour

Elizabeth Quay is a new waterfront precinct on the banks of the Swan River.

It offers restaurants, bars and lots of relaxing areas and water fountains. Some consider it as the heart of Perth.


  • What we love to do at Elizabeth Quay is to grab a coffee and take a leisurely stroll along the quay and enjoy the picturesque views of the Swan River, Perth city skyline, and the surrounding urban landscape
  • We also recommend you to visit the Bell Tower, located near Elizabeth Quay, which houses the historic bells of St. Martin-in-the-Fields from Trafalgar Square in London. You can also enjoy panoramic views of the city from the observation deck.

Rottnest Island

Breathtaking island, home of the quokkas

Australia, Western Australia
Nature & Animals
1 day

Rotto - as the locals call it - is only a 30 minutes ferry ride away from Fremantle (or 90 minutes from Perth CBD).

The island features breathtaking beaches, turquoise water, historical buildings and is home to small wallaby-like marsupials called quokkas. The most famous thing to do at Rotto is taking a quokka selfie from a specific angle where it seems that the quokka is smiling to the camera.

You can easily get around the Island by bike, relax at the beach and go snorkeling. Usually a day trip is enough to explore and experience Rotto.


Your visit to Perth is only complete when you’ve visited Rottnest Island.

8 Tips for making the most out of your Rottnest day trip:

  • Try not to visit on weekends as many locals are visiting the island as well.
  • Catch an early ferry with Rottnest Express to make the most of your day trip
  • After landing on Rottnest Island, pick up your bike directly from the crew at the port (included in the ticket price with Rottnest Express)
  • Grab a bite at Rottnest Bakery first. There will also be a lot of quokkas in this area.
  • Check the wind direction, the beaches in the South of the island are usually more protected in the morning and the ones up north are better in the afternoon hours.
  • Keep your eyes open for little quokkas along the way. For us it was not easy to find a quokka to take the famous quokka selfie with us but we found one in the end which even approached us! But it is important not to feed or touch them.
  • Little Salmon Bay in the South of Rottnest Island was our favorite beach for relaxing and snorkeling and we ended our day at the Basin which is a great snorkeling spot as well
  • Book a late ferry back in advance to make the most of your day trip

Blooming Happy Yoga (Yoga In The Park Perth)

Donation based Yoga sessions in the park

photo of Blooming Happy Yoga (Yoga In The Park Perth)
Australia, Western Australia
1 hour

If you like yoga, this is a highly recommended yoga session in Hyde park.

It is donation based, happens only in summer and when the weather is good.


  • A perfect way to start into the weekend!
  • Just show up, no bookings needed
  • Classes run from October until the end of May
  • Every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00-10:00am
  • The yoga classes are also beginner friendly, everybody is welcome
  • Check the website for the exact location where the classes take place
  • Grab yourself a delicious toasties afterwards at Chu Bakery which is just a few minutes walking distance away and enjoy them at the park!


Historic and popular maritime town, main gateway to Rottnest Island

Australia, Western Australia
3-4 hours

Fremantle, commonly known as Freo by the locals, is a 30 minutes train ride away from the Perth city center and is a historic maritime town. It is the main gateway to Rottnest Island, where you can find the quokkas.

Freo is famous for its old buildings, market, prison and sea-side restaurants and bars.


Even if you start your Rottnest Island day trip from Fremantle, come back another day to visit this cool town which has many activities to offer such as:

  • Fremantle Markets: Explore the lively Fremantle Markets for local crafts, fresh produce, and unique items.
  • Beaches: While Fremantle itself is not directly on the beach, it is close to several beautiful beaches, including South Beach and Bathers Beach. We especially enjoyed relaxing at Bathers Beach!
  • Have a drink at Little Creatures Brewery
  • Fremantle Prison Tour: Visit the Fremantle Prison and take a guided tour to learn about the history of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore the cells, gallows, and hear stories of the prison's past.
  • Shopping and Exploring: Spend some time exploring the shops, boutiques, and galleries in the streets of Fremantle. You might find unique souvenirs or local artworks.