Busselton Jetty

Longest timber-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere featuring an underwater observatory

Australia, Western Australia
2 - 3 hours

Have you heard of Busselton Jetty in Western Australia?

Stretching over the waters of Geographe Bay, the Busselton Jetty holds the title of being the longest timber-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere, with an impressive length of 1.8 kilometers!

Built back in 1865, it's got this awesome history, surviving cyclones and even a partial collapse.

But what makes it really stand out is the Underwater Observatory at the end.

Imagine going 8 meters below the water without getting wet at the Underwater Observatory! You get to check out all sorts of cool marine life. And get this, they've even spotted humpback whales from down there! How awesome is that?

The marine biologists at the observatory are also truly passionate about their work, eager to share their knowledge and enhance your experience with fascinating insights into the underwater world.


  • If you prefer not to walk the entire length of the jetty to the underwater observatory, the jetty train provides a convenient alternative.
  • The solar powered jetty train departs on the hour
  • Don't miss out on the underwater observatory experience—ensure your spot by booking ahead. It is very popular!