Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park

Best camping ground when visiting the Cape Hillsborough National Park

Australia, Queensland
1 night

This camping ground is directly located at the beach and inside of the Cape Hillsborough National Park on the East Coast of Australia.

It gives you the perfect opportunity to visit the national park and you don’t need to walk far at 5am to the beach to see the feeding of wild kangaroos and wallabies.

The park also provides access to a network of bushwalking trails. We recommend you to hike the coastal trek starting from the camping ground. (Check the tide first)

The facilities were also okay.


  • Keep your eyes open for Chrissi's favorite bird, the Blue Winged Kookaburra which may try to steal your food.
  • Stay 1-2 nights on your way from Cairns to Brisbane or the other way around (like we did).
  • Book your camping spot in advance
  • Bring insect repellent against sandflies