Fraser Island / K’gari

World Heritage-listed largest sand island in the world

Australia, Queensland
Nature & Animals
1-3 days

Fraser Island or respectfully K’gari, is another must-visit destination when traveling the East coast. It is the largest sand island in the world and a major tourist attraction. The highlights of K’gari are driving on the beach highway (75 Mile Beach) with your 4-wheel-drive car, the Maheno Shipwreck, Champagne Pools (natural rock pools), Lake Mackenzie (an inner lake with snow-white sand) and Eli Creek (where you can wading, tubing, or swimming through this pure water creek).


How to explore K’gari? You have several options depending on your budget and time: You can do a multi-day group tour where you stay in a hostel or camp, you can do a 1 day tour or your can rent a 4-wheel-drive car with camping equipment and drive on your own. You can visit the island only by ferry. Be aware that only 4-wheel-drive cars can drive on this island.

Considering the price, we only did a one day tour which we felt was enough to experience the highlights of this amazing island.

Keep your eyes open for dingoes, wild dog-like animals which live on the island. Be warned, keep your distance and don't approach them. Did you know that dingoes are the largest predators on land of Australia?