Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

Wildlife spotting in a volcanic crater

Australia, Victoria
Nature & Animals
2 hours

Are you looking for a place to spot wild koalas in Australia?

Then the beautiful hidden gem Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve has to be on your travel bucket list! You can also combine your Great Ocean Road trip with spending a view hours here as Tower HillĀ  is easily accessible from the Great Ocean Road.

What makes Tower Hill special is that it is nested within the crater of a dormant volcano. It is a unique spot that offers a unique blend of nature, wildlife, and cultural richness.

The reserve also features walking trails, a lake, and a visitor center providing insights into Aboriginal heritage.

4 Things to do at Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve:

  1. Hang with the Wildlife: Spot lazy koalas in the eucalyptus trees, chill kangaroos and wallbies jumping around, emus, echidnas and other wetland birds. Bring your binoculars for a close-up view
  2. Trail Time: Hit the walking trails! Wander through wetlands and look up in the trees to spot koalas along the way! Also make sure to watch your step as there are snakes in the area.
  3. Picnic Chillout: Pack some snacks and roll out a picnic blanket. Tower Hill's got prime spots to munch surrounded by nature. Who knows, a kangaroo might even join your lunch crew.
  4. Visitor Center: Do not forget to check out the visitor center. Gather information about the flora, fauna, and geological history of Tower Hill.


There are 4 walking trails, we did the Lava Tongue Boardwalk which is an easy 1,6km (1mile), 30 minutes walk across the wetlands. Along the way we saw many koalas up close with no other people around. What an unforgettable experience!