Twilight Beach

Turquoise water beach with a natural stone island

Australia, Western Australia
1-5 hours

Twilight beach is another stunning Western Australian beach featuring turquoise water, white sand and even a natural stone island very close to the shore. It is located only 10min drive away from Esperance town and very easily accessible.

A popular thing is to climb the stone island and jump in the water from there. But note that shark sightings are quite common in this area. Watch your surroundings!


  • There is a shark warning system used at this beach. We also recommend you to download the Sharksmart App to keep an eye on the latest shark sightings in Western Australia.
  • If you do not feel comfortable to get in the water, it is also great to just relax at the beach.
  • Consider bringing a picnic basket with snacks and refreshments. Are you ready for a top-notch beach day in Western Australia?