Waterfall beach

Hidden beach with beautiful water colors

Australia, Western Australia
2-3 hours

This beach has to be on our Western Australia travel bucket list as it is Chrissi's favorite beach in this area!

Waterfall Beach is still a very untouched, secluded beach with vivid blue water colors. We almost had the beach to ourselves during peak season!

The beach is also sheltered and makes a great beach for swimming (unpatrolled). But be always careful of underwater currents.

How to get to this beach? Walk down to Little Beach from the car park until you get to the end of this beach, then follow a  short path through the bush, leading to rocks. Here it gets a little bit tricky, you have to climb over these rocks but do not worry this doesn't take too long.


  • Note that there isn't actually a waterfall as you might expect it but in winter you can apparently see water running down from the boulders into the ocean.
  • Wear good shoes when climbing over the rocks to get to the beach. The rock surface can be very slippery.