Whale Watch Western Australia - Bremer Bay Orca (Killer Whale) Experience

Witness the largest gathering of orcas in the Southern Hemisphere

Australia, Western Australia
Nature & Animals
7 - 8 hours

Have you heard of Bremer Bay in Western Australia?

For wildlife enthusiasts, this coastal town is a must-visit destination, situated approximately a 5 1/2-hour drive from Perth.

What makes Bremer Bay a special location for orca (killer whale) encounters?

  1. Largest Orca Gathering: Bremer Bay attracts the largest known orca gatherings in the southern hemisphere!

  2. Abundance of Prey: The waters around Bremer Bay provide a rich feeding ground for orcas. The presence of deep-sea-dwelling giant squid and other marine life creates an ideal environment for orcas to hunt and feed.

  3. Seasonal Presence: The orca season in Bremer Bay typically occurs from January to April, with the peak of activity often in February. During this time you have an increased likelihood of encountering these magnificent marine mammals.

  4. Natural Behaviors: Bremer Bay provides an opportunity to witness orcas engaging in their natural behaviors, including hunting and social interactions. This offers a unique glimpse into the complex social structure and hunting strategies of these predators.

  5. Marine Biodiversity: Beyond orcas, the waters around Bremer Bay boast a high level of marine biodiversity. You may have the chance to encounter other species of whales, dolphins, sharks, seabirds, and various marine life.

  6. Educational Opportunities: We had our first unforgettable orca encounter with the knowledgeable and professional tour operator Whale Watch Western Australia. They offer educational components to their tours, providing information about orca biology, behavior, and the broader marine ecosystem. We can highly recommend to book a tour with them!

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  • The tour also includes drinks and snacks served on the boat
  • Take sea sickness pills with you, the sea can get really rough.
  • Stay at Bremer Bay Beaches Tourist Park the night before the tour. It just takes a few minutes by car to get to the meeting point.